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Description Volume world there really immortal, I was on the ground mystical fairy Chapter 418 Seven Star Lake (second more) _ Modern Cultivation record _ ideas off This lake 4 second more) 'woodland Hills' in a very big, big seemed outrageous. From afar, it seems there is no end, has been extended to Mount depths, some who do not know what's inside. <a href="">Canada Goose Snow Mantra</a> Villas built by the lake, as the stars in it, but also a little eye effect. At this time, the maple leaf in the corner where they stood, more humble. &quot;What is the name of this lake?&quot; Maple Leaf asked suddenly. Lin mountains stunned, surprised at the jump xing thinking maple leaf, but honestly said: &quot;This lake is called Seven, a very ancient lake.&quot; &quot;What is the origin of it,&quot; Maple Leaf frown?. &quot;It is said that when a certain time comes from heaven to see the lake can see the Big Dipper look, but how I do not see where there are like the <a href="">Canada Goose Bergen</a> Big Dipper and this legendary mountain I was there from the previous sound , it is interesting if nothing, huh. &quot;forest mountains respectfully. &quot;Well, it is interesting.&quot; Maple leaf nodded, eyes flashing, no I do not know what they thought. Luo xi four faces &egrave; surprised, then some excitement watching Master, Master knows what must be found before such a question, can not help but look up the inexplicable. Bik water, such as washing, anti-flicker moonlight, is a rare attraction, the slightest sense of energy surrounding it, only able to see the maple leaf. Night, dense fog, real magic, the magic of the pole, even some of the maple leaf mi feel lost, in the hearts of have to admire the beauty. Outside of a big lake, the lake is very spacious, you can play on the inside boat, enjoy the scenery. Nearby, you can faintly see Lin Jiazi brother to their side view. Seems to be full of young, jing British children, who all haughty cast over all curious god &egrave;. Maple Leaf soul <a href="">Canada Goose Parka</a> can cover there, you can see the specific circumstances, others much weaker. &quot;You say to that young master of the house how so polite, almost to the extent of his origins respected how much? Unimaginable ah unimaginable&quot; one person Yaotouhuangnao forward, eyes full of envy, as if he is the mouth that young people in general. This man said, someone disdain, naturally, jealous emotions majority. &quot;I see nothing surprising in it nothing more than momentary got potential, so treat master of the house,&quot; &quot;is, I look at most is a second-generation ancestor with me than the bubble if the United States nv, but definitely better than me&quot; ...... these people in the flat r&igrave; are favored, which is not a golden spoon in his mouth was born to family background has a family background, there is the appearance to appearance, more highly educated people to be scared out of a chin, the United States is the top choice of hot nv mn object. Of course, envy or majority. These people are dude, but very smart, knows avoiding disadvantages, not outspoken. &quot;So many people