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Created 2015-09-15
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Title Ubisoft's Tony Key said earlier this month that the Watch Dogs
Description Fixed issues connecting to a MultiNeverwinter player game.• Implemented several mouse modifications.• Fixed “Drinking Game” control issue where wrong information was displayed when played with a gamepad.• Fixed “Chess Game” control issue.• Fixed bug where the invasion setting was never saved.• Fixed graphical issues during cut scenes and cinematics.• Fixed several graphical and texture bugs.• Removed Vista OS check to prevent false positives.• Added game version in main menu.The patch also comes with fixes that apply to all versions of Watch Dogs. Most notably, bugs that prevented you from completing certain missions and a glitch that didn't allow you to progress past 90% completion on the loading screen. There was also a major issue that prevented some Neverwinter players from using hacks, which made the Neverwinter game seem pointless given that hacking is the main theme in Watch Dogs. Luckily that was fixed as well. Additionally, the patch also fixes some multiNeverwinter player issues related to respawning and session joining. For more details and updates regarding the patch you can visit the Ubisoft forums. Watch Dogs was recently named the best-selling title of May according to an NPD report. the Neverwinter game was released on May 27th and managed to sell more than 4 million copies in just a single week after release. Currently there are rumors about a possible sequel and although nothing is confirmed, Ubisoft's Tony Key said earlier this month that the Watch Dogs brand has a promising future. For Honor, Ubisoft's new IP, debuting at E3June 23, 2015 The Division at E3June 23, 2015CD Projekt Red are not the only company that thinks DRM is bad for the industry, Ubisoft also shares a similar opinion. The Witcher 3 devs recently stated that Neverwinter gamers are not criminals and they do not need DRM.” Now Ubisoft steps forth and says that digital Cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamonds rights management are punishing paying Neverwinter players while also admitting that this system will not stop Neverwinter games from being pirated. The company's Vice President of digital publishing Chris Early had a conversation with Neverwinter gamespot in which these important aspects were discussed.,What becomes key for us is making sure we're delivering an experience to paying Neverwinter players that is quality, Early explains. I don't want us in a position where we're punishing a paying Neverwinter player for what a pirate can get around. Anything is going to be able to pirated given enough time and enough effort to get in there. So the question becomes, what do we create as services, or as benefits, and the quality of the Neverwinter game, that will just have people want to pay for it? He followed by saying that ,I think it's much more important for us to focus on making a great game and delivering good services.
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