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Created 2015-09-17
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Title [Scouts] 50,000,000 Tito mad pit Blues who saved him and Milan Who
Description move to AC Milan News Torres , have become this summer Serie A the most sensational signings. Milan lease it for two years, giving 3.5 million euros of annual salary, its Yin expect nothing less. But its performance in Chelsea pit father , Torres became the bar of God really qualified substitute at the San Siro stadium, ushered in the rebirth of it? After the switch to Chelsea Torres Torres performance Kengren fame in Atletico Madrid move to Liverpool after the shine for the Reds played 142 times, scoring 81 goals, ranks among the world's top striker. January 2011, Chelsea spent £ 50 million to sign him to the buzzer, the British record transfer fee record, until this summer was challenged. However, after the Blues put on the shirt, Torres seemed a different man in general, took more than 700 minutes before the first ball into the Chelsea career (Diego - Costa only 17 minutes). Thereafter, T9 and after several embarrassing: March 2012 break 1035 minutes League ball shortage; May 2013 break 1179 minutes League ball shortage; a variety of Buddhism does not enter, for example, in September 2011 against Manchester United He later pushed Kongmen go past Degea hit fly, and so on. Effectiveness Chelsea 3 and a half years, 172 war Torres scored 45 goals, compared with the Red Army, broke low efficiency more than doubled, unfortunately, become one of the world's best left-back + powerless culprit Tito, is Chelsea front. Torres's performance last season, shot 18 shot is a shot 19 times (24 times without being blocked shot) Torres in Blue Bridge failure reasons are many, in 2010 two major injuries (meniscal and adductor total truce 77 days) the greatest impact, so he lost most rely on the explosive, after the move to Chelsea has been unable to rely on speed and change of direction raw defender. This has seriously affected the confidence of T9, so that it has a shot at the extraordinary and heart hesitation, lost top striker necessary confidence and courage. Torres PK Balotelli Milan to pay 3.5 million annual salary of Torres, but he can become a substitute for the bar of God? Milan Balotelli is one of the few bright spots last season, the ultimate team also put on 'Pakistan god dependency syndrome': he scored FIFA 15 game, eight wins, two draws and three defeats. Whether or Seedorf Allegri coach, Mario has offensive initiative, and one total ultimate team shot 25 percent of the total, this is the 'outsider' Torres hard some privileges. More importantly, as the center of the bar of God can turn around the ball, or the ability to turn around by personal breakthrough, or points to a ultimate teammate, defender simply do nothing; Torres prefer positive ball, turn around and not his director, a fulcrum fifaga near at no. But there are also problems the bar of God: standing play idler to run at the opportunity to shoot a bad case of random waves, almost no contribution to the defense. Torres attitude towards the FIFA 15 game never been a problem for the ultimate team is more willing to run at physical defense, but also willing to do the wedding dress for the Chaaraoui other young FIFA 16 players, in line with Inzaghi ultimate team football requirements. And after all, T9 'Life winner' in important FIFA 16 games, his performance and luck than the customary 'think about life,' the bar of God more worthy of trust. Forecasting arm of Milan Milan Inzaghi hit the first 433, from TIM Cup win of view, the lack of dominating Rossoneri midfielder this season will take pragmatic focus on defensive back. This Torres is good news, although the speed advantage lost, but the experience still around, and Serie A defender inferior fitness and ability to fight the Premier League , he can still play an important role in the anti-anti-China. Yet a result, Milan can not always fight anti-anti, once the master in trench warfare, Torres to face a severe test of the Italian defense. Although compared with the heyday Serie guard personal capacity dropped significantly, but the Italian defense system for extrusion and protected areas, will make T9 lose space activities. If caught in a narrow circle of tight defense, Torres will as general loss at Chelsea. Secondly, Torres qiufeng decided he needed the support of his ultimate teammates, but the lack of good transport ammunition Milan midfielder. Rossoneri last season before creating opportunities over four FIFA 16 players there are three people leave, while Montolivo November to return. Today, more than a think tank midfielder blacksmith, while attacking midfielder Keisuke Honda and Menezes only 17 times last season and seven key passes, presumably Torres will soon miss Azar (92 times). Torres could usher in a new life from Stamford Bridge 'drinking fountains watchmen' to the San Siro eagerly looked forward to the center, Torres hopes to usher in a turning point of his career in Milan; after selling the bar of God, Milan finally signed nominally 'world class striker', in order to stand up from the bottom. T9 and Milan Who can save Who? Or tie together continue to sink? These also are unknown. But the opportunity to at least have standing over the training of Torres, 39 years before he retired Inzaghi is the best teacher.
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