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Title Watch the top symbol three watch _ watch function

is be obvious to people.

three asked the birth of the table

"when a man of education makes his asking a question, this is the history of the world." About 200 years ago, when the body is physicist and author of the Xi Teng Li Berg in the German state of Lower Saxony Goettingen university city came up with the motto when, Mr. Breguet (Abraham Louis Breguet) in Paris for improving asked table making unremitting efforts.

How can

send time information,, and broadcast sound is sweet, which relates to the brand image. Asked the table experienced from the two asked, "half a moment to ask" institution (that is able to play 7.5 minutes to ask the body) to develop accurate to 5 minutes of the "five points",, until the moment can be reported, and then played a minute three asked. Three questions is the Englishman Thomas Moggi in 1750 invention, than Vacheron Constantin brand establish early 5 years.

Moggi invented the three question, has reached a very high accuracy of the table. Since then, the development of the table has mainly focused on the improvement of the organization and the miniaturization.

The price of

asked the former form of a small bell can be sounded in the table. And Mr. Breguet through with steel rods bent into sound spring, around the movement around, the table asked institutions all of a sudden than previous compact. This is now seen three question form the basic structure.

< p > in 1892, Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet) created the first three questions watch,Glashuette Original Senator Watches, that is omega (omega) the founder Louis - Bertrand produced. While the three asked the bulk of the table is in 1910, but due to the high cost of the cost of its popularity. At that time, although there is a lamp, but timekeeping function life is not required,, this is afraid is asked one of the reasons for the popularity of the table. If you make a good product, it may take a long time to sell, and often need to change. Therefore, the three question form only customization, and only a few manufacturers to produce, including Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Haas - neve (HAAs Neveux) and mairan C.H.Meylan.

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