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Category Cars & Vehicles
Created 2015-12-13
Owner mili
Title Warcraft 7.0 hunter T19 exposure suit appearance When the queen with hot style
Description By players of warcraft 7.0 test server client data mining, warcraft 7.0 hunter T19 suits and PVP set model was first exposure on today. Warcraft 7.0 hunter ordinary T19 suit with PVP suit preview video.Tcgvip provides WOW Items offers online. You can Cheap Buy WOW Gear being supported online by a professional team 24/7. From the point of mining content, epic suit with ordinary suit the most obvious difference is that a helmet and scapula joined the new parts and the special effects, and this hunter T19 suit seems to be quite a sylvanas' style. Hunters in the warcraft 7.0 test server only opened its survival spirit of access to, believe in the future in the game open T19 suits for testing, we can see the appearance of the T19 melee hunters.
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