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Created 2015-12-22
Owner nba2kah
Title Anthony Davis says he always plays as James Harden in NBA 2K
Description New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis may be on the cover of NBA 2K16 but surprisingly, he doesn't like to play as himself. Instead, Davis always plays with the Houston Rockets, mainly because of James Harden.Once you would like to get NBA 2K16 MT Coins,NBA 2K16 Coins is the best site for NBA 2K16 MT Coins selling.You can make a comparison with other sites. Asked if he plays as himself by gaming expert Matt “NaDeSHoT” Haag in an interview with Redbull, Davis responded with "I actually don't. I play with the Rockets. James Harden all the time." "I played with myself a couple times and it was like weird," Davis continued. "Because you would do something you do and then on the game you will airball, miss or turn it over. And you're like, I can do this. So I just stopped. I just started playing with other guys." Davis' reasoning for choosing the Rockets makes complete sense. It has to be frustrating when the video game version of yourself is not making plays that you can actually do in real life. However, it is interesting that Davis usually plays with the Rockets and doesn't switch around from team to team. Of course, Davis has played with Harden on Team USA, so their friendship could just factor into his decision. Either way, if you ever play 2K against Davis, one thing is certain. You will always be able to pick the Pelicans.
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