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Created 2017-10-11
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Title Ready to gain free swtor credits cheap on Swtor2credits to celebrate Update 5.5 Release?
Description For better or for worse, BioWare’s class designers are hewing through builds for Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Update 5.5 — and they are not done yet. Not by a long shot.Swtor2credits offer cheap swtor credits for you to enjoy the game.

So what changes are next? Medicine Operatives and Sawbones Scoundrels are going to have to contend with some changes with their healing skills, including nerfs to heals-over-time and buffs to direct healing. “Overall, the majority of the healing reduction was aimed at the Operative’s/Scoundrel’s heal-over-time abilities, which are usually more prone to over-heal,” the team noted.

Oh don’t you start snickering, Mercs and Commandos — you’ve got some tweaks coming your way too. The team decided that Bodyguards and Combat Medics were “overperforming,” and thus are doomed to a string of nerfs designed to make the builds less J.D. from Scrubs and more Doug from Scrubs. Join for cheap SWTOR credits.

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