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Created 2017-10-11
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Title Hurry up to buy PC/Xbox/PS4 astral diamonds neverwinter to experience new Patch Notes


Content and Environment

Hurry up to buy neverwinter astral diamond to experience the new Patch Notes, The first one is Chult

  • Heart of Darkness: Players who disconnect or change maps during the "Continue through the Chultan Jungle" objective no longer become stuck.
  • House of the Crocodile: It should now be more difficult for this quest to become stuck.
  • House of the Crocodile: When playing as a group, the "Gather your party" circle to enter the fight against Ras Nsi now properly functions.
  • Hunt targets now drop lore entries when defeated.
  • Repeatable Adventure quest map transitions now state the name of the quest on their interaction tooltip.
  • Templar Rescue: Rescued templars no longer seem to stutter in their running animation.
  • Volo no longer gestures while still holding a book open in one hand.

Port Nyanzaru

  • Mounted guards no longer attack training dummies.
  • Known Issue: While they wait for their mounts to return from training, the guards on either side of the Merchant Prince's Villa are currently sitting on the ground.
  • Players can no longer get stuck between the entry door and invisible collision.

Tomb of the Nine Gods

  • Avatar of Orcus will now reset in any case where it is pulled out of its arena, or where it takes damage from a source outside the arena.
  • Ras Nsi will more consistently drop loot.? This boss was previously reported to fail to drop loot in cases of high lag
  • Note: There are still reports of seals dropping less consistently than standard bosses.


  • Summer Festival: The profession tasks to make Guild Feasts are now properly repeatable.
  • Portobello's Game: Artificer's Workshop: The final Beholder Tank click should no longer become stuck in a non-interactable state.


  • River District no longer doubles up on Ritual Timers.
  • Sea of Moving Ice: A treasure chest beneath an overturned, wrecked sea vessel can now be claimed.
  • The barkeep in Protector's Enclave once again sells beverages.
  • The frame rate in Fangbreaker Island should no longer take a major hit when the Dragon Turtle uses its Body Slam ability.

Combat and Powers

  • Charm of the Serpent: This artifact no longer double-casts under certain circumstances.
  • Charm of the Serpent: This artifact is no longer affected by cooldown reduction effects.

Classes and Balance

  • Devoted Cleric
  • Empowered Bonuses: Break the Spirit, Forgemaster's Flame, Sun Burst, and Warding Flare should once again properly apply their Empowered bonuses.
  • Exaltation and Divine Glow: Players should no longer sometimes lose half of their expected Action Point gain when casting these powers on high-Deflect targets.
  • Shared Burdens should no longer cause invalid deflections.
  • Aura of Despair should no longer cause invalid deflections
  • Soul Puppets should no longer disappear as soon as they're summoned


  • Netherese Warlock: This companion's Active Companion Bonus no longer deals decreased damage when weapon enhancements are equipped.

Mounts and Insignias

  • Magistrate's Restraint: This insignia bonus' tooltip has been shortened to properly fit into the UI.? No changes to the power were made.

Item Powers

  • Chicken Voodoo Doll: This item's ability now properly displays an error message when it fails.
  • Executioner's Black Attire: This gear's powers no longer deal decreased damage when weapon enhancements are equipped.
  • Greater Everfrost Shirt and Pants should not cause players to incorrectly enter combat.
  • Ring of the Curse Bringer applies Partial Paralysis less frequently. (It had previously applied more frequently than expected.)


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