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Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to World of Warcraft: Legion. Some of the hotfixes below take effect the moment they were implemented, while others may require scheduled realm restarts to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch update. Snap up wow gold cheap and fast for Pre-Christmas Sale to join updated hotfixes.This list will be updated as additional hotfixes are applied.


December 1


  • Mage
    • Frost
      • Fixed an issue where the Runebound Regalia 4-piece bonus, Arctic Blast, would sometimes only benefit part of an Ice Lance cast when using the talent Splitting Ice.
  • Monk
    • Windwalker
      • Reapplying Mark of the Crane to a target will now properly increase Spinning Crane Kick's damage.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Antorus, the Burning Throne
    • Argus the Unmaker
      • Fixed a bug that caused Argus the Unmaker to stop casting Soulbomb during the final phase of the encounter.
      • Fixed a bug that prevented some players from being successfully resurrected after dying during the encounter.


  • [With Server Restart] Insignia of the Grand Army now displays item level 1000.
  • Fixed a bug that briefly prevented players collecting Pristine Argunite while in a raid group.


  • [With Server Restart] Crafted Legendary items should no longer display an item level of 1060.


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In today’s episode of our Exploit History we have something for all you haters of enchantment upgrades and the randomness that comes with it. As you know each upgrade of enchantments and runestones in Neverwinter only has a chance to succeed. Hurry up to buy neverwinter astral diamonds to enjoy enchantment upgrades. If it doesn’t, you’ll lose your reagents. The only way to prevent that is using wards to either safe the reagents from destruction on unsuccessful tries or even guarantee a success. Albeit several changes to the refinement system itself, this basic RNG mechanic has never changed.


The amount of required wards (and clicking!) on higher levels can get quite annoying. Additionally wards are a ZEN store item, so it’s one of the aspects of progression that is gated behind spending money. In the early stages of the game however, players used a rather simple exploit to circumvent this madness.

Artificial Delays Strike Again!

Back then fusing enchantments was artificially delayed by a few seconds. A progress bar appeared that had no real use other than letting the player wait, probably to create more excitement. However just like Astral Rifts, this interaction came back to bite Cryptic. It turned out that during the delay, used Wards weren’t locked in place. You could freely move them back into your inventory. And even better, when swapped with another item, they didn’t even got consumed while still granting their benefits.

So players took enchantment shards, slotted a?Coalescent Ward?and started the process. During the interaction, they swapped the ward with a trash item. It was really that easy! Effectively you could just use a Coal for any fusing upgrade and succeed every time without actually using the ward. As hilarious as the exploit itself was the way it?leaked on Ownedcore in June 2013. The author presented it with an own version of the “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” title song. That was creative, but didn’t prevent the issue from being patched within hours.

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This week's game update sees the lore of Zeah further explored with the arrival of two new novice quests. A stunning new Boss lair display arrives following the release of osrs gold Grotesque Guardians. Plus our usual array of QoL changes and fixes.The gangs of Kourend have recently been uniting under a mysterious figure called the Queen of Thieves, some in Port Piscarilius. This novice quest tasks the player with infiltrating the gangs of Kourend in order to find the Queen of Thieves. Completion of the quest rewards players with the following:

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1 Quest Point
2000 Thieving XP
2000 Coins
10% Piscarilius favour in the form of a reward scroll
The Fisher's Flute

You can start "The Queen of Thieves" by talking to Tomas Lawry in the Piscarilius region of Zeah.

The Depths of Despair

Artur Hosidius has gone missing and Lord Kandur Hosidius needs the players help to find his son and bringing him home in this new novice quest. Completion of the quest rewards players with the following:
1 Quest Point
1500 Agility XP
4000 Coins
10% Hosidius favour in the form of a reward scroll
Lunch by the Lancalliums

You can start "The Depths of Despair" by talking to Lord Hosidius in the Hosidius region of Zeah.

Completion of the Client of Kourend quest now yields the Kharedst's Memoirs book as a reward. The item can be obtained Veos, found on the Piscarilius dock. The Memoirs is a wieldable item and is used to teleport around Kourend. Kharedst's Memoirs requires you to add specific pages to the book in order to be able to access associated teleports.

You must first charge the book before you can teleport. To charge the book you must visit Old Memorial and 'Inspect' the statue, or 'Use' Kharedst's Memoirs on the statue. When a page is added to the book there are 8 charges also added. All other charges requires 1x Body rune, 1x Law rune, 1x Mind rune, and 1x Soul rune. 10 Magic xp is given for each charge added to the book.

Bandos Godsword Buff

The Bandos godsword, along with the Bandos godsword (or), has had its special attack cost reduced 65% to 50%. This polled buff now brings the sword in alignment with the three other Godswords, the special attacks of which all consume 50% of the special attack bar. No changes have been made to its stats.
Grotesque Guardians Boss Display:The Jar of stone, obtainable the Grotesque Guardians, can now be added to the Boss lair display in the Achievement Gallery of your Player-owned house.

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Those who thought that all of the big class changes that have been rocking Star Wars: The Old Republic over the past few months are over probably should not disengage their safety protocols. Game Update 5.6, which is scheduled for November 28th, is rolling out a large round of “utility changes” to pretty much every class.By the way,players can share cheap swtor credits on
Even the Force did not foresee this. To be fair, the Force was binging on Stranger Things season 2 at the time.
The changes are targeted at specific class skills that are under- or overperforming according to the developers’ perspective. The dev team did take the time to list all of the changes and explain why the changes are being made.

This update will come after the server merges that are coming in about a week. To prepare players for the merges, SWTOR recently gave all players more character slots on all account types. And don't forget to visit for cheap SWTOR credits.

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Buy cheap eso xbox gold with HAL7 code to join New World Bosses for Halloween No
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Enter the mechanical world of the Clockwork City and explore Sotha Sil's greatest creation. Check out our launch article for all the information on this new DLC game pack and Update 16. So why not to ESO gold xbox with 7% off to join new clockwork city pack for halloween

We are thrilled to announce that Update 16 and the Clockwork City DLC game pack are both live on PC/Mac. This new content for The Elder Scrolls Online includes:

  • A new zone to explore
  • An exciting new story quest line
  • A new Trial to challenge your team
  • The Transmutation System, allowing you to change item traits
  • …and more!

This exciting new DLC is available free-of-charge for ESO Plus members or for purchase with crowns from the in-game Crown Store. The base game patch included with Update 16 arrives free for all players. Want to make your desktop at home in the Clockwork City? Download the official?wallpaper.?

If you're a PlayStation?4 or Xbox One player, hang tight – you'll be able to explore the mechanical realm yourself on November 7!


  • New DLC Game Pack
  • Purchase Details
  • Getting Access
  • Battlegrounds
  • Update 16 and Transmutation

Clockwork City DLC Game Pack

With the Clockwork City DLC game pack, you'll explore an all-new zone and investigate the deadly mystery surrounding Sotha Sil's mechanical realm.

A Whole (Mechanical) World to Explore

Journey into Sotha Sil's Clockwork City, a great and intricate mechanism that duplicates Tamriel in metallic miniature. Take on two dangerous world bosses, explore new delves, and complete daily quests to earn a host of unique rewards.

A Clockwork Mystery

Something is amiss at the heart of the Clockwork City. Enter this mechanical wonderland and uncover a Daedric plot that threatens not only the Clockwork God's creation, but all of Tamriel. This new story quest line is similar in size to those found in the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild DLC game packs, providing an exciting adventure for both new and old players alike.

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The 2010 season, fifa 18 will likely be unveiled with Nintendo's creative designers Transition, it has the essentially the most fascinating, societal, in addition to traditional sports activity ever previously intended for fifa 18 coins Nintendo's creative designers members. Attribute stuffed, now you may have fun with often the oceans activity every time, wherever including one of a kind means having fifa 18 with Nintendo's creative designers Transition. With Transition, timore will comprise of timore Unmistakable Workforce, like team making obstacles in addition to equally online and offline gardening seasons. So that you even now can certainly acquire fifa 18 gold coins to Open Delivers in addition to business FUT members with shift sector. Getting casted Style is likewise provided. Neighborhood gardening seasons will likely be well maintained all over a couple Transition controllers. fifa 18 to get Transition will buy fifa 18 coins include things like Kick-Off style, Womens Foreign Goblet, on the net tournament, proficiency video game titles, plus much more.
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Just as I mentioned before,there will be two rounds of heat wave.Here comes the second wave this week,which means it will grant you XP gains and cheap rs 3 gold is waiting for you.

The way to reset cap up to six times

In this second heat wave, there is no upper XP limit for you to join in the Lumbridge Crater Beach Party activities. Reseting the cap to receive the 'Bronzed' or 'Sunburned' titles, you can now reset up to six times a day.

When is second heat wave available?

Second heat wave will be available from 00:00 UTC on August 25th until 23:59 UTC on August 28th.

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As we all know.Jagex made an update on the Shattered Worlds in mini game.I believe this news will made all of you who are coming to buy rs gold happy.

Now in case you do not know, Shattered Worlds is a mini game that sees you take on waves and waves of random enemies. It is a pretty fun mode and it is made even more fun with the recent update.

You see it is now possible to make as much as 25 million Anima an hour with this new update. That is not a typo and we are not exaggerating. The only catch is that you have to be doing floor/wave 70 and over to be making this kind of money. To be honest, even if you have never even started Shattered Worlds yet, it will only take you an hour, two hours at the very most to get up to floor 70 and as the payoff is just a ton of Anima, we do think that it is worth it.

Most of us in the office have really enjoyed Shattered Worlds and from you guys who have come here to buy RS3 Gold who have also played the mode, you all seem to enjoy it as well. We really hope that you guys are taking advantage of this (in case it is a glitch and Jagex fix it!) and stock up big time on Anima.

We would love to hear from you guys about how much Anima you have made from the new Shattered Worlds update in the comments section down below.

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Rs fans and players attention please!Deathmatch Event has been added into runescape last sunday.That is a ferice battle for you to chanllenge and earn more reward point.If you want to play the game well,you must buy runescape 3 gold to prepare for it.

Introduction of Deathmatch

Deathmatch is a safe player vs. player minigame that replaced the Crucible. In this match, you will be teleported to an arena to fight against up to 29 opponents and get as many kills as possible in 10 minutes.

Earn reward points in Deathmatch event

After completing the match, you can earn reward points based on how well you fight. The points can be used to buy mostly untradeable rewards according to entry-level player killing.

Date and location of Deathmatch

Deathmatch is available at 9:00 UTC, 20th, Aug. and located in Northeastern part of Edgeville, outside of Deathmatch entrance, World 39.

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But while there is some rather crude buy credits swtor merit in this argument, we really should be very cautious about dismantling anything without being aware of its possible impacts on freedom. In particular, we should be loathe to jeopardise our already weak justice and police systems.

And it did so for the simple reason that, barring tragedy, revolution or a personal decision of historic proportions, the child could not actually be what he wanted to be at all. For his name was Prince William and he was destined to be king.. Embargo on Cuba, which prohibits most bank transfers to the Communist run island. But the funds finally arrived in two parts, one at the end of last year, and the second a few months ago, according to Marrero's family..

One enduring question for readers of the novel concerns what liberties Ballard took with his internment camp experience in shaping his harrowing yet oddly invigorating tale. Answers can be found in of Life. Dodson and Milliken met and fell in love on a seed collecting expedition to China. Both gave up their previous lives and nurseries, and Milliken moved from Vermont to join Dodson on the West Coast.

Just an estimated 90 250 pairs of this bird, the world's largest eagle, are left in the wild, according to the Union for the Conservation of Nature. The fine issued to the Philippine farmer was the lowest punishment prescribed by the 2001 act.. While awaiting for the trap to be sprung, Igneous and his apprentice would travel to Sullust and attack a cavern built temple which would be used to create a Lava Crystal. The Strike Team would turn out to be none other than a collection of his former allies his former master Assarius and his wife Arriwen included among them.

In 1816 James Ballantyne wished to marry, and the young woman's relations said that he ought to show that he was clear of debt. Hereupon Scott agreed that Ballantyne should give up for a time all his interest in the business, and should henceforth be employed as a manager with a fixed salary of 400 a year.

Cuando Kirchner asumi como Presidente de este pas tena la ms severa restriccin reconocida por todos los partidos polticos y por todos los sectores en su endeudamiento externo que importaba el 156% de su PBI. Le toc a l encarar la primera reestructuracin, en el ao 2005, donde pudo reestructurar el 76% de la deuda soberana, tambin contra viento y marea, de afuera y de adentro, pero finalmente lo pudo hacer, al mismo tiempo que terminar con el endeudamiento del Fondo Monetario Internacional..

The gas is there, but funds of up to ?5 million are needed to get at it. Ramco can't risk it in their present state.. The Globe and MailThe OLG also consistently spends far more to operate its casinos and lotteries than any other province, a Globe analysis shows. From 2002 to 2011, Ontario saw an average of 60 per cent of its gambling revenue go toward operating expenses, compared with a low of 25 per cent in Alberta..

Imagine that you can edit the content of an infobox on Wikipedia with one click, that you get an edit form specific to the infobox you are editing, and that other Wikipedias automatically and immediately use the same content (unless it is specific to your locale). Imagine that some data in an article can be automatically updated in the background, without any work from you whether it is the development of a company stock, or the number of lines of code in an open source project.

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Thinking about exactly what offers occurred in order to "NCAA Soccer", this can be a unique landmark, a good expert advisor task NFL 18 Coins which has been removed within the previous couple of years. Polygon remembered which in spite of EA's prolonged initiatives to follow along with the actual NCAA plan, the actual "NCAA Soccer" computer game happened, however the business would still be cautious to obtain expert advisor to really permit this. Still with the help of the actual Longshot tale design in order to Madden eighteen, it appears that expert advisor is actually executing the job. Using the performance from the video game maker Seann Cheap NFL 18 Coins Graddy informed Polygon which "authenticity is essential with this tale, therefore the Tx group really performed the significant tale within a year.
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Marauder Fury

Increased the damage done by Bloody Slashes by 35%.

Sentinel Concentration

Increased the damage done by Burning Slices by 35%

The Fury / Concentration discipline only needed a small boost to bring it up to its target DPS, so increasing the damage dealt by Bloody Slashes / Burning Slices was all it took to do the trick.

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How you can Determine As well as Substitute THE Seeping Hydraulic Hose pipe No
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heavy duty hose clamps high torquetend to be a fundamental element of the actual equipment from the modern day. Through vehicle breaks or cracks in order to subsea moving channels, the actual hydraulic hose pipe has an important hyperlink within the building in our the majority of appreciated devices. Difficulty is actually that point, tension as well as undesirable environment problems may need replacing tubes as well as trigger problems which might provide whole devices to some milling stop. Realizing these types of problems could be difficult as well as repairing all of them similarly therefore, and that's why we have come up with this particular brief manual that will help you effectively determine the drip as well as substitute the actual hose pipe.

Very first points very first,CV boot hose clamp are going to require a few things. You will need a good open up finished wrench within how big the actual nut products inside your device (a goof wrench is going to do inside a pinch), a set of warmth proof mitts, a set of glasses, a few hydraulic hats as well as lubrication. With this, you are prepared to start searching for your own drip.

You will need to determine the origin from the drip, which might show hard. Numerous hydraulic tubes tend to be hidden inside devices yet others are simply within restricted areas or even close to hard edges. They likewise have the routine associated with traversing pathways, producing locating the precise reason for the mess on the ground hard. To create this simpler, thoroughly clean as well as dried out the equipment round the region exactly where you think the actual drip to become through. As soon as this really is carried out, you have to placed on your own security glasses as well as pressurize the machine watching really carefully to determine in which the liquid is actually originating from. First got it? Superb.

The adjustable hose clamps is in order to depressurize the equipment, making certain a person release the actual sends as well as switch off something within the motor which might trigger liquid in order to ton these types of plumbing. It is really worth directed away at this time which exactly what appears like the drip can often be drinking water operating lower the actual tube from the free enthusiast at the conclusion from the hose pipe, therefore make sure that away as well as tighten up this in the event that required.

Once you have Washer Style Hose Clamps as well as made sure how the hose pipe by itself offers unsuccessful, it is time for you to substitute this. Get rid of any kind of hose pipe clamps or even customized fixtures which may be mounted on the actual hose pipe as well as take away the hose pipe through which aspect, rapidly fitted the actual hydraulic limit to the subjected fitted. Perform exactly the same on the other hand after which ready your brand new hose pipe. Have a great consider the brand new hose pipe as well as examine this with regard to grime or even particles within. When there is something within the hose pipe, thoroughly clean this along with compacted atmosphere. Connect the brand new hose pipe as well as pressurize the machine once more, ensuring the actual drip went totally.